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We Welcome you to AlienNations! One of many safe alien pit-stop locations.

This is a group for all you wandering aliens and xeno friendly beings out there. We hope you enjoy this little space station of ours, and are proud to announce we are running with 41% less accidents now!*

All creatures are welcome, including you sparkling Original Species, Mechanoids, Aquatic things, creatures from the big screen Movies, or fantastic violent Video Games. Or you know, basically where ever you strange critters are from. All things are welcome here!

It's our hope in time this will be a group where all alien lovers, of any sort, can be seen and loved for their wonderful art! [Ship graffiti is not encouraged] and make new friends along the way.

Our little pit stop is somewhat inactive at the time due to the admins being busy with all the pirate nonsense going about but we hope to hold a Alien-Exchange in the future (: Give us time!

* This percentage does not include current or past "assumed" pirate activity. It is advised to be alert and look out for any strange beings, ships, or gatherings. If anything is seen please remain within your ships for your own protection. Sincerely, the Alien-Embassy of Station #799-00II

Submission Guidelines, Please Read before Submitting!

[:bulletred:]► Please Review the Rules Here before submitting your artwork! Any questions about which folder to submit to are answered below the Rules in the Information box. Hopefully it will help! If not, feel free to comment on this journal and ask (:

[:bulletred:]► Our group has a Quality Control standard, and because of this we will not accept all artwork. Don't be discouraged though! We just ask that your artwork has Effort put into it. We will not accept anything done on lined paper, sloppily colored or "rushed". It is also important that you at least have a basic understanding of anatomy for the sake of quality control.

[:bulletred:]► We will No longer be accepting Sketchwork or Lineart into the group unless it had been Refined. That includes shading and clear lines, like this one for Example: [ LINK ]

[:bulletred:]► Please submit to the Correct Folders or your submission will be automatically Denied! If you’re not sure where to put it, just ask (: Use your best judgement to where your critters belong!

[:bulletred:]► There is a 2 Deviation per Person a day submission limit, clubs with free-flow art are annoying, and people often get overlooked, or overwhelmed with their messages. This limit may change in the future.

[:bulletred:]► We will NOT accept bases, traced, heavily referenced art, or screenshots of any kind. This includes repeat-base adoptables, as we are not an adoptable group. Please find an adopt-featured group to post those to instead! To repeat, please no bases, be them yours or another artists. We encourage your own creativity (:

[:bulletred:]► No Fetish Artwork or Sexual Themes; We're sorry, but we won't accept these types of art, this group was not made to have sexualized works of that manner. While we want you to share your Aliens with us, we want to keep things clean.

[:bulletred:]► All aliens are welcome! We'll accept anything from your own Original Alien Races, to TV, Movie or Game inspired fan aliens! If it comes from another planet that's not earth, it's welcome here.

[:bulletred:]► That said, Humans are Not accepted for obvious reasons. Noticeable differences are required! If your human characters live in space, that does not count. Aliens people, aliens! (: On this same thought, We do not accept "earth based" alien look alikes. [Example: A dog with antenna and pink eyes, or a human with dog ears and fangs] Your alien must have at least FOUR NOTICEABLE differences from the animal it’s based on. We want to encourage creativity above all else!

[:bulletred:]► And lastly, have Fun! We apologize for the stiff rules and hope you enjoy the group anyways❤

. . . Folder Directory Below! Hover for Folder Information!

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